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We know how important skin confidence is to you and that good skin takes time. That’s why we developed a Skin Health Membership to help you get your best skin.

Included in the plan is a schedule of skin conditioning treatments to help you achieve fresh, bright and healthy looking skin.


  • 15 skin conditioning treatments tailored to your skin each year
  • A Skinsmiths Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF30+ each year


  • Two complimentary treatments from our rewards menu each year
  • 20% off additional beauty therapy treatments
  • 10% off Skinsmiths skincare products


Maintain healthy, smooth and hydrated skin and help prepare the skin for more advanced treatments: 



  • Pigmentation and sun damage
  • Scarring
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Redness

During a consultation we will assess your skin and advise on the best treatments for you. This may include adding a 12 month advanced skin treatment package to your Skin Health Plan.


Our advanced skin treatment packages also include a Homecare Treatment Accelerator Kit and additional treatments from the rewards menu.


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"Probably one of the best thing I have ever done for myself was to sign upto the Skin Health Plan. I have been a Caci member for 12 months now and just renewed my membership without even a question in my mind. The way my skin is now is unreal. I feel so comfortable with not wearing foundation. Also..why not pamper ourselves when we work so hard?"


"I absolutely love my skin plan, I’m in my second year now and wouldn’t want to live without it! The regular facials are just a dream to look forward to. Results why this plan definitely delivers. I started with bad pigmentation and also had skin that frequently broke out and I was not confident in my own skin with a bare face. After the first year I could visibly see the reduction in pigmentation and facial scars and lines. Also my breakouts are almost non existent now, if I do get one it’s very mild and gone so much more quickly. I frequently go without make up now, something I would never have previously done! My skin feels smooth and healthy, signing up to this plan was the best decision I ever made for myself."

"I have been on the Reformaskin Care Plan for 6 months and wow what can I say it has been worth every cent. I have always have very sensitive skin when my skin is good it's really good but when it's bad it goes next level - think sore and red and lumpy!

I had been on the pill for nearly 15 years and was on Ginette to help control my acne. So when I decided it was time to stop I joined this particular Caci Clinic programme as I was anxious as to what might happen to my skin when coming off the pill. About 3 months after coming off the pill (and 4ish months into the programme) my skin absolutely started purging I was covered in cystic acne over my upper chest and face. I nearly resorted to antibiotics to help fix it but with the help of my absolute fave skin saviour Kate from Caci Clinic New Plymouth we have nearly got through it (only taking about 5 weeks which I think it amazing). She was so supportive and genuinely cares she also gives great advice on products to try (in a non sales focused way which I really appreciate).

She made a plan that was really responsive to the condition of my skin. I have loved every treatment I have had and I always come out feeling so fresh, clean and nourished. Kate also treats you to a gorgeous shoulder massage while the products work their magic! Also, it has been great to have the freebie treatments up my sleeve to use when my skin really needed it! I would absolutely recommend to anybody!"

"I am still quite early on in my treatment but I am loving what I am seeing so far. I have spent most of my adult life suffering from adult acne. I have spent thousands of dollars on skincare and make-up brands hoping that something will magically cure my skin. I have spent years on and off different contraceptive pills, trying different anitbiotics and various topical creams, but still nothing worked. I recently went back to Uni and the extra stress had my skin the worst it has ever been. I ended up having to go on Roaccutane (after years avoiding doing so). It cleared up after 6 months on the medication, and for the first time I felt confident in my own skin. A year later, the acne came back again, so back on Roaccutane I went. This time my skin seems to have sorted itself out, but I honestly feel the extra help with my treatments during my Caci Reformaskin plan is helping as well. I have worn makeup every day since I was about 16, I would even put something on to cover up just to check the mail.

I am so proud to say that I haven't worn make-up since Christmas, thats 4 months make-up free. I feel confident and happy in who I am. I can't wait til the end of my 12 months to see the end results, to have clear and healthy skin, and also hopefully to be as close to pigmentation free as I can be. I have learnt so much already from the team in terms of skin care do's and don'ts and I love telling people about my plan and encouraging them to go and check it out themselves."

E Clarke

"I am currently in my sixth month of my Reformaskin plan, and i don't regret going to the lovely ladies at Caci for a second! They really helped clear my adult acne and scaring for my wedding a few months ago, and ever since I've been hooked. I usually go to the Thorndon Quay Branch and see Jemima (who is amazing!) and who knows everything about all of the products available at Caci! She knows what will work for your skin and skin concerns."


"Best thing I ever did for my skin. The changes to the look and feel of my skin is amazing. The lines are less and my skin is so much more hydrated. Although it was about skin health I actually feel like I'm treating myself each month as it's such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I rave about it to my friends, who have already joined up. I'm never giving this up!"

J Macdonald

"I have been absolutely loving my facial plan & noticing a huge difference in my skin appearance - so have other people. I’m constantly being told that my skin looks brighter & clearer. The dark spots have faded & my skin doesn’t feel so dry in certain areas. I do feel a bit lush going for monthly facials but they Taylor them to your skin type & if I’m seeing improvements that has to be a good thing."


"I am thoroughly enjoying the monthly facials. I love the fact that there are different facials to choose from. I come away from each appointment with glowing skin and feeling refreshed and energised. Thank you Caci for making my treatments so enjoyable. I highly recommend this plan to everyone who wants to look after their skin."


"I’m a few months away from completing my 2nd year of my plan and I cannot rave about it enough! I came into Caci as a 26 year old mum with acne skin. I never knew how important it was to look after my skin until I met with Caci. The ladies at Caci Palmerston North have done wonders to my skin and I love every single facial I have. I don’t wear makeup anymore to cover up and I am so much more confident in my own skin and I couldn’t be happier!"

T Murphy

"This plan is the best thing I've ever done for my skin! I go along every 2-3 weeks and get a treatment according to what my skin needs, it's absolutely luxurious and I absolutely love it & always leave feeling pampered. In between I now cleanse, tone and moisturise whereas I never used to do that before, and the advice you get is invaluable. The payment plan also makes it very affordable, I'm going into my second year. If you're sitting on the fence about doing it, get there! you won't regret it and you know you're worth it."


"I have been on the Reformaskin - Skin Health Plan for two years and I eagerly look forward to my treatments every 3 weeks. It is such a treat to come to the clinic to have a juicy facial and every time I leave my skin feels amazing. I would say I have combination skin and was struggling to find products that suited me. Having the treatments along with professional advice is so fantastic. Taking care of my skin is so important to me. It is a true investment in yourself for your future."


"I've never been the type to look after my skin - opting instead to just slap on moisturizer in the morning and call it a day. But with my wedding coming up at the end of this year I chose to invest in myself and go on the year long reformaskin plan at Caci - I've had 7 treatments now and have gone from a full face of makeup gal to boldy walking out the door with just a touch of tinted moisturiser! It has completely transformed my skin for the better and i'm not even half way through it yet :):


"I absolutely love my skin health plan at Caci. I go to the Albany branch and generally see Bella but have also seen the other girls. It has made an absolute difference in my skin and I couldn’t be happier. Not only that, but it’s also such a lovely treat visiting every 3 weeks to do something completely for yourself. The home products that they have recommended for me are all so luxurious feeling and once again have made the hugest difference in my skin. the breakouts have reduced greatly and it is so much glowier."

"I signed up for Reformaskin after developing adult acne and getting minimal results from my dermatologist prescription. Now at the end of my 12 months of facials and treatments my acne is gone and my skin texture is so refined. I have also seen a significant fading of sun damage/freckles when I compare myself to old close up photos. The value of this plan is not only in the treatments you receive but in the skincare education you get from your skin specialist. I have learnt so much about my skin and how I need to be treating it, it has honestly set me up for life."

"I'm in my second year of the reformaskin plan at Caci and it's made a world of a difference to my skin. I'm usually very lazy but it's made me very disciplined. I'm also a busy mum and don't really have time for an extensive skin regime so my facial treatments taking place every 2-3 weeks really deliver. I think it's very affordable and I'll definitely continue with the plan."